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Simpson Strong-Tie HOLD DOWN (Priced Per Each)  View Printable Version
HOLD DOWN (Priced Per Each)

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(PRICED PER EACH HOLDOWN) For ordering and shipment!

Standard Carton Quantity is 6 each

However, Can be purchased in LESS than Full Carton Quantities

HDA/HD Holdowns

HDA and HD holdowns resist overturning and transfer tension loads. All HDAs and the HD15 are self-jigging, ensuring code-required minimum 7 bolt diameter spacing from the end of the wood member to the center of the first bolt hole.

HD6A, HD8A, HD10A and HD14A's seat design allows greater installation adjustability. An overall width of 3 1/4" for the HD6A, HD8A and HD10A, and 3 1/2" for the HD14A provides an easy fit in a standard 2x4 stud wall.

HDA Special Features:

  • Load Transfer Plate eliminates the need for a seat washer.

  • Fewer inspection problems.

Finish: HD14A and HD15 - Simpson gray paint. Other HDA's - galvanized. May be ordered in HDG


  • Use all specified fasteners.

  • Contact engineered wood manufacturers for connections that are not through the wide face.

  • For an improved connection, use a steel nylon locking nut or a thread adhesive on the anchor bolt.

  • Bolt holes shall be a minimum of 1/32" to a maximum of 1/16" larger than the bolt diameter (per 2001 NDS, section 11.1.2).

  • Standard washers are required between the base plate and anchor nut (HD15 only), and on stud bolt nuts against the wood. The Load Transfer Plate is an integral part of the HDA Holdown and no washer is required.

  • Locate on wood member to maintain a minimum distance of seven bolt diameters, distance is automatically maintained when end of wood member is flush with the bottom of the holdown.

  • Stud bolts should be snugly tightened.

  • To tie double 2x members together, the Designer must determine the fasteners required to bind members to act as one unit without splitting the wood.

For holdowns, per ASTM test standards, anchor bolt nuts should be finger-tight plus 1/3 to 1/2 turn with a hand wrench, with consideration given to possible future wood shrinkage. Care should be taken to not over-torque the nut. Impact wrenches should not be used.

Load Table Info

  1. Allowable loads have been increased for earthquake or wind load duration wth no further increase allowed; reduce where other load durations govern.

  2. HD15 requires a minimum 4x8 (in a 3 1/2" wide shearwall) or a 6x6 nominal post. To ensure the tension load carrying capacity of the critical net section meets the holdown capacity.
  3. Use a minimum 4x6 nominal post for the HD14A. Minimum post size is required to ensure the tension load carrying capacity of the critical net section meets the holdown capacity.
  4. HB is the required minimum distance from the end of the stud to the center of the first stud bolt hole. End distance may be increased as necessary for installation.
  5. The designer must specify anchor bolt type, length and embedment.
  6. Lag bolts will not develop the listed loads.
  7. Deflection at Highest Allowable Design Load: The deflection of a holdown measured between the anchor bolt and the strap portion of the holdown when loaded to the highest allowable load listed in the catalog table. This movement is strictly due to the holdown deformation under a static load test conducted on a steel jig. All other sources of deflection shall be in addition.
  8. When using structural composite lumber columns, bolts must be applied to the wide face of the column.
  9. The Designer shall reduce the allowable loads show per NDS requirements when bolt threads are in the shear plane.
  10. HDA and HD allowable loads are based on the lower of the NDS 2001 fastener values or the ultimate load on a steel test jigdivided by 2.5.
  11. Post design shall be by Designer.
  12. Holdowns may be raised off sill plate. Refer to table for increased deflection values (if applicable).

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